I can’t hear you…

So I’ll just laugh and hope that wasn’t a question.


Find Hope and Freedom from Tinnitus!


Over 50 Million people in the United States suffer from Tinnitus, with 2 Million suffering from a debilitating form.

Tinnitus is a ringing or sensation of sound in the ears or head that can be with or without hearing loss.

Although there is currently no “cure” for Tinnitus, through hypnosis we can desensitize the sounds and retrain associated reactions.  This breaks the loop, allowing the brain to focus off the sounds, making them as unimportant as the clothes on your back or shoes on your feet. 

Through hypnosis, we also address other tinnitus-evoked conditions, such as, anxiety, focused fear, and sleep problems.

I’ve never heard silence quite this loud.
— Taylor Swift