Labor & Delivery


Sleep is like the unicorn

It’s rumored to exist… But I doubt you’ll see any!


Imagine a more COMFORTABLE and ANXIETY-FREE labor and childbirth!

During this five week process, you and your birthing partner will learn the Hypno-Epidural. Like a regular epidural, a hypno-epidural interrupts the pain signal travelling from the spine to the brain.

Yet, unlike a regular epidural, a hypno-epidural does not utilize any drugs!!

You and your partner will learn how to lessen the pain signals as well as manage any anxiety before and during the birthing process.

By the end of week 5, you will have enough experience, techniques, and associations to perform self-hypnosis through the entire birthing process!!

After your baby comes, you will receive help with pain management, faster healing, sleep management, and lactation.

At home, or in a hospital. With or without an epidural. There is no wrong way to bring baby into this world.
— Lisa Machenberg, C.Ht.